"The Cosmic Wants Us To Discover Our Human Potential, To Use It For Our Earth & Humanity"

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Welcome to Sacred Geometry Consulting Agency The Multifaceted Service and Archival Architecture. An Architecture with Professional Advice and Services provided with Its main focus being humanity.

We offer a wide range of services carried out by First Party, Trusted Contractors, and or Partners/Affiliates of SGCA. We do the work in making sure the services being provided are done by well skilled individuals or professionals. Our push for humanity brings the right people together so that we may truly help others.

Thank You and Grand Appreciation to Our Well-Wishers:
Ursula Walker

7 Principles of SGCA


Sacred Geometry Consulting Agency There are 7 Principles that are to be upheld by all individuals who are involved.


You & Us Shall Always Speak The Truth and Abide by it. With this Principle we Uphold Trust. That all individuals will provide Truth of Reality within Legal Means.


You & Us Shall Always be Honest and Genuine in our Actions. With this Principle we Uphold Genuineness. That all individuals will be placed with individuals who want to Give or Receive Services.


You & Us Shall Always Perform our Actions. With this Principle we Uphold Honor. That all individuals should never have to worry about being forgotten when providing services for either party.


You & Us Shall Always Treat Individuals with the Utmost Respect & Dignity. With this Principle we Uphold Humanity. That all individuals involved will be treated respectfully as the human being they are no more and no less.


You & Us Shall Always put in our Best Effort as Humanly Possible To Follow The Seven Principles. With this Principle we Uphold Law. That all individuals involved will have loyalty to the rules and regulations of this company. So that we all may stay true to the path and the Vision of the company.

Morals & Ethics

You & Us Shall Always Apply Logical & Reasonable, Morals & Ethics in our Decisions and Actions. With this Principle we Uphold Adaptation.
That all Individuals are capable of adapting to different situations without leading into emotions of greed, selfishness, or abandonment.

Balance The Four Main Schools of Philosophy

You & Us Shall Always Apply Balance in our Philosophical Thoughts. With this Principle we Uphold Unity. That all individuals are here to either receive help or help others.