"The Cosmic Wants Us To Discover Our Human Potential, To Use It For Our Earth & Humanity"


To get services you will need to book a consultation with SGCA. Click Book a Consultation and select the service you would like. Schedule an appointment to speak with a Representative (In some cases you may choose the representative). During your 15 minute consultation appointment you will discuss the matter in need and will be placed with the services needed. This may include choosing a new date and time to perform the service needed and any additional cost.
All services start at $7.95 Any additional cost and or prices are informed and invoiced during your 15 minute consultation.
All customers are allowed to have a maximum of three with a Limit of $100 in total active invoices at a time. If you have reached the maximum or limit you must either pay an invoice or bring your total below $100 before receiving services. Any unpaid invoices 90 days past due will override any ability to receive services. Any unpaid invoice 90 days past due must be paid before receiving services.
An invoice or Payment Link is given when a service is agreed upon beyond the consultation. An invoice and or Payment Link will include and all pricing details and will be delivered to the customer by methods chosen. All invoices must be paid within 3 days. After the time limit, a late fee of 3% of your total will be issued & Every 30 Days further-on. Any unpaid invoices or Payment Links 30 days past due must be paid before receiving services.
No, we offer in person services and online services. Services that are offered in person will be listed as such. We use Zoom for any online conference calling.
Here at Sacred Geometry Consulting Agency our focus is you. Which means we hope that you give us your best effort to help you. Any Cancellations of Services must be made 1 Day before the Scheduled Date. If cancellation is made outside of our policy you could be subjected to paying up to $50.
If an Invoice is sent and Service date is set. You will receive a $50 cancellation charge if the service date set is missed or not rescheduled within our cancelation policy.
We use a third party source "Square" to handle your invoices and contracts. Visit to get more information on your account details.
Affiliate Links are Trusted Links placed by SGCA. The links can be either affiliates or non affiliates of SGCA. The Links Provided to products or services that are simply trusted or directly affiliated. Affiliated Links are represented with an asterisk (*)
Additional Charges are any charges that are not involved with the service being provided. Common additional charges are Service Charge (Charged in covering any operational cost) and Resource Charge (Charged in covering any Resource Cost). Any Additional Charges will be shown. There are no hidden fees and all fees or charges are placed onto the invoice.
In-Person Services you must go to a Designated Sacred Geometry Consulting Agency Building where the Individuals and or entities are available or be within 10 mile Radius with a Verifiable Home Address or Location.
You may see a charge named Billable Hours in your Invoice. Some services may use Billable Hours. If the Service uses Billable Hours it will be stated in Its description. You will be charged only for the amount of time on record regarding the service provided. These Details Will be included in your Inovice. Please note that all Billable Hours Rate are not the same as it highly depends on the Personnel used for the Service.